How to help fix the NYS testing

Together, We Can Correct The Tests

While we support the right of parents to send a message by opting their children out of this flawed and unfair testing system, the real solution is for the State to correct the tests. If you want to help correct a testing system that is failing our students, then join our coalition!

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ELA state testing

"I don’t understand the purpose of giving such a lengthy test to seventh graders. It doesn’t seem developmentally appropriate and I don’t see who it benefits."

ELA state testing

"I have taught for 24 years, mostly in third grade. What I experienced a few weeks ago during the ELA testing was abhorrent."

ELA state testing

"This is a ridiculous expectation. They are not developmentally ready for that kind of rigor. Many adults aren’t!"

New York’s flawed and unfair testing system is failing students. Instead of correcting the tests, the State is creating a climate where school administrators are attempting to intimidate parents into forcing their children to take these tests, or isolating children who refuse to take them.

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The more support we show, the more likely we are to affect change of the tests. Copy the below, or write your own message of support. Just remember to tag it #CorrectTheTests

New York State’s 3-8 grade tests are failing our kids! I stand with teachers and parents who demand that we fix these broken, unfair tests. Learn more at: #CorrectTheTests

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